Tuesday, June 1, 2010

HTML & CSS Coding Fun

Today i discovered HTML coding and had an absolute ball! At first the codes were hell scary and i avoided the task for several weeks. But today I finally made the plunge and dove right in.

Its actually relatively simple once you get your head around the filing system. Colour changes here,text adjusting there, truly amazing. I started off by changing the colours of a few of the textsin my blog, then experimented with the never-ending selection of colours offered by a Hex Code Generator.I discovered that your blog could use any font that was installed into your computer. So i had some fun with that. I changed the header font, posts fonts and gadget fonts. I then uploaded an image of myself into ImageShack and added that as my background. I changed the size of some fonts, the positioning of my background picture. I then gave my fishies some eyes to swim around with. I also changed the blogger tool bar up the top to match in with my page's theme.

Overall I am very pleased with what I have accomplised and what I have learnt in regards to coding and formatting my blog the way I want. There are many codes that I discovered on the internet which I am yet to try, but have every intention of getting around to doing that at some time in the near future.